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I made a text adventure RPG out of HTML, CSS, and Raw VanillaJS

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I joined a small coding competition on Khan Academy for fun and to practice some frontend coding skills and here's what I got as an entry.

I'd like you to test if out and see if there are any bugs in there, offer some feedback on it, etc.

One of the challenges I had to deal with was the fact that there were no Live Websites on Khan and that there was a bunch of limitations. I was able to get past those and made a very nice text adventure.

The goal of the game is to kill as many enemies as you can and invade the aliens' base in the game to win.

I hope you enjoy my creation!
Have fun and Happy Coding!

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Played for a little while, fun game and well thought out.

A few things that I didn't get / that were confusing:

  • When trying to talk to an NPC if you capitalise their names it doesn't work, I couldn't work out how to talk to an NPC for at least 2 minutes as I tried "talk James" and it said "huh?" - make commands case insensitive - super simple fix!
  • "scan" - seems to just say "huh?" if there is nothing for it to pick up - would be better if it said "nothing found" or something else.

Only played for 10 minutes but if I get chance I will have a further play.

Very well done other than those two minor points, very impressive ❀ πŸ¦„

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