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Let's write Steam Store scraper! Intro (short)

Hello everyone 👋
We run a company where we write scrappers and fetch data from the Internet.
We would like to show you how our work look!

A lot of programmers think that the most important thing here is the code as well as the scraper itself 🤔
Of course, these are important things, but not the most important.

Go on an adventure with us watching the creation of: Data Scraper - Steam Store!

Unfortunately, our articles are too long to paste here 😥

For those interested we hope that clicking on the link:
won't be a problem!

What is the first article about?
✔️ we compare ways to grab HTML (HttpClient Vs Browser)
✔️ we show that writing scrapers is not as easy as it seems
✔️ we are looking for the first subpage on Steam for scrapping
✔️ we write scrapping code
✔️ we check website security
✔️ we post some advice for people who would also like to scrape

We invite you to read!

Comments are welcome!

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