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Switching from Vue to React

I recently decided to migrate a Vuejs Project to React. I read many comparisons and it always seemed to come to Vuejs being the simpler of the 2.

"Use Vue for quick execution and small to medium projects and React for big projects."

"JSX sucks, Vuejs is simple and looks just like HTML."

For reading that, I assumed that react was a hard clunky framework so always stayed away. The issue was that React devs are abundant. Everyone knows react, not everyone knows Vue. Using react would be a better long term investment for the app development company in Singapore where I work. My company develops software for many large companies and startups, so learning react will be beneficial for my long term career as a developer. Working at a company is a much better experience than working as a freelance app developer.

Anyway, my team and I decided we should switch to React and we were pleasantly surprised. After doing a bit of reading up (about 60 mins), we were ready to start coding. React is easy, really easy. But then we came across 2 way binding. In VueJs it is simply a matter of:

data: () => {
return {
name: ""

In React:

constructor(props) {
this.state = {value: ""}
this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this)

handleChange(event) {

render() {
return (


So VueJS definitely does come with more magic out of the box but once you get the hang of React, it's much simpler, more like JavaScript.

What do you think? I always read about VueJS being the better framework, so if you have used both and prefer React, I'd love to hear why.

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Sabbir Sobhani • Edited on

IMO, its not good to compare and contrast between them. Both are strong and can handle big project. Facebook made React, that's the key reason for its popularity. Otherwise I have to say Vue is more flexible than React.

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letscodesomemore Author

Agreed, thanks for the input.