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Covid made me a software developer

After graduating I enrolled in a BSC in Psychology not knowing what else to do with my life and having parents put pressure of me to enroll.

With a psychology degree there aren't too many options. Any job requires you to learn additional skills. To go into counselling you need to further your studies and to go into business you need to learn marketing, which I have no interest in.

During one vacation I travelled to Japan and South Korea and it was such an awesome experience. I wanted to go again but money wise it was not happening. I looked for to make money and live there and it seemed that it was possible. You can teach English for a living.

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I hopped on the first plane and secured a job in South Korea. It was a great experience. I managed to teach in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

When Covid hit Vietnam, my school closed down and I lost my job. I took a flight home and spend the next few months at home where I learned how to code from Youtube and Udemy. I recommend this course

I now work as a software developer for a large agency in Singapore. I also made a website to help people find travel and teaching job opportunities abroad, you can find out more here.

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