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Université Libre de Bruxelles - Drexel University - Universidad Católica Boliviana

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Principios Basicos sobre Deep Learning

genial! gracias por escribir esto :D

What I learned from CREATIVITY, PIXAR Director's Book

thanks for recommendation! I like biographies, productivity b...

10 Things I've learnt being an AWS Developer Advocate

thanks for sharing! recently, I haven't gotten a good experie...

10 Tips to Get Faster Code Reviews

great piece of advice! thanks for sharing!

Top 10 YouTube Channel For Developers

Great content! thanks for sharing!

Welcome to the Golden Age of Developer Advocacy

great content! thanks for sharing! I am on my first 'formal' ...

How to get started with Machine Learning in 2021 [Roadmap]

great resources! thanks for sharing!

5 developer tools for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities

good one!!!

How to launched a startup while studying.

cool! congrats!

Handling burnouts as a developer!

thanks for sharing this! usually week days i am living in fro...

How to Write Documentation in the Python World!

"Clean and Self Descriptive Code" yes! write human-readable c...

How to be good at Code Reviews

thanks for sharing! good advice to get better at code reviews!

Getting My First Code Review

congrats! great starting :D

Is code review worth it?

Indeed! sharing knowledge and good practices is also super im...

Boost your online presence with a STRONG personal brand 🚀

very interesting! to work a bit more about our online presenc...

Hi, I'm Cassidy Williams

you rock girl! good to hear from you!