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Discussion on: Migrating from Lastpass to Bitwarden. I'm changing password manager 🙅

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lesha 🟨⬛️

My main problem with Lastpass is that it doesn't let you make a single entry for several domains. Example: I use both Protonmail and ProtonVPN, they are different domains but they share accounts. More often than not Lastpass nags me about this and I have no way to tell it that it's fine.

Does Bitwarden have this problem?

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Andrew Oskam • Edited on

Depending on the domain you can make your domain name use , kind of, variables. It uses extended syntax I think it's called. I did so for a work app that changes domain. IE and where the number is the syntax accounts for any variation from 1-9.

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Daniel Diaz Author

Well I think the only solution is to copy the same data for both sites 😂.
Or just make your own password manager!

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Gabriel Eiji Uema Martin

You can match domains, servers, exact URIs, regex or even add multiple URIs to a single credential.

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Ian Cleary (he/him)

There is a feature in LastPass for equivalent domains in the settings. That enables a password for one domain to be used or show up for multiple domains.

I’m not sure if Bitwarden has this feature, but that is what I’d look for in any password manager for your problem. Cheers!

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equivalent domains exist in bitwarden, migrating those from lastpass to bitwarden seems challenging

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No, you can add multiple domains to a single login on Bitwarden.