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This week, I wrapped up all my handovers and have left my first ever full-time software job. This might not seem like a win, particularly as I'm sad to leave my great team behind, and a little overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been in wishing me luck, but after years of self-doubt during my school and university degrees, then impostor syndrome in the workplace, I'm finding it nice to reflect on my first 15 months in the industry, realising that I've come a long way. That's the best win I could ask for. Looking forward to my new journey as a DevOps Engineer, starting Monday. Woo!


Oh... please share your experience as a DevOps Engineer. I'm a Software Engineer and I think DevOps shouldn't be a siloed role. Everyone has a role to play in DevOps, it's not just one dedicated person or team's specific mission, it's the responsibility of all the developers, testers, managers, etc.


I certainly will! It’ll be interesting - I’m going from a fairly corporate-culture engineering company to a software startup. Not just my role is changing, but the whole environment. I feel a blog post brewing in a few weeks!...

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