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After few months of thoughts and trials I have almost achieved what I wanted as proof of concept for a flexible and productive visual structured code editor (Block or Flow Editor) with code snippet / templating and completely programming language agnostic (so no forcing you to use a foreign paradigm and/or custom language ) - later it will have simple code generation and help you transition to state machine so you can implement that with frameworks like xstate or an algorithm I'll give based on grafcet (which is used in complex manufacturing, robotics and iot startups are discovering it and I'm trying to make it known even more widely).

Block editor

It makes programming much more inclusive: in engineering school coding wasn't my major (which was rather Thermodynamics and Statistics) I was last in assembly class, thanks to that method of programming I jumped to first place at the coding project of the year that's why I really wanted it to accelerate my own learning curve and also for speed coding and better architecture overview.

I have also made a kit for kids in under-development countries who don't have computer, this is a mockup in 3D:

learn programming for kids without screen

Though it is at concept stage, I'm now able to use it for real to reverse opensource project structure to get an understanding at a glance.

At the moment it's a figma template I'll distribute for free on grafcet online . I'll then make a tutorial for it on and I also show for people interested advanced features like branching and parallelism/concurrency which is part of grafcet concept for realtime distributed concurrent programming.

Some companies in France are also interested for kids but at the moment i'm focused on adults.