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Discussion on: What is your story with software development? 🐱‍💻

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I must be the oldest here I started computer in the eighties as a child with Zx81 and 64Ko the highest memory possible ;) But it was just due to scientific curiosity of mine, I coded a rather complex loto program (I had always kind of fascination for probability) for my father in law, who bet 100$ and won 10$ so kind of exploit but that didn't incite me to continue. Later at school, I had the chance to be in rare one that had personal computers, a club's geek showed me how to do an addition program in basic, which I found too simplistic (my zx81 program was so much fun), I found that boring so I gave up. I was bored even in engineering school with assembly, pascal and prolog, it was only when we were taught grafcet diagram method to automate a whole complex factory that It got me interested. Professionally it is only after Lotus spreadsheet and Borland Database came out that I started to find some interest: so it took me a lot of years :)