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Discussion on: Have you ever quit a job without anything else lined up?

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lepinekong • Edited on

Sure multiple times :) Most memorable was first time of course. I was out of 2 successive engineering schools and MBA training, I wasn't very motivated because it was all theories :D and I wasn't also very motivated to become a Manager though I was accepted in a very big corp for that, I preferred to take a job as quality engineer in a factory of another big corp instead 15 min by walking from my home. That's how I really got into programming because no IT folks were able to code complex statistical algorithms so I decided to do it myself on a PC. But it was only the beginning of personal computer era and still the reign of mainframes and Vax. One day the CTO of big corp came to the factory and decided to get rid off of every applications on PC to port them back to Vax because PC would have no future: a guy really lacking vision of the future after insight :) So sure I decided to quit with nothing next in mind!