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Discussion on: How important are math skills for software development?

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Math is not necessary if you are a webdeveloper for example. But I absolutely disagree for datascience: without having a solid statistical and epistemological background in probability, I would forbid to hire you for that kind of job ;)

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Sam Fisher

Completely agreed. There are too many ways for data science to go wrong if you can’t think about how it works.

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Adrián Caballero

As a "webdeveloper" I have used math principles uncountable times. Maybe you are talking about wordpress users. I honestly think that anything that have the word developer in it, it is easier if you have a good math basis.

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Rick Sheahan

What type of scenario would typical web development work require math skills beyond the basics (i.e. what might be taught in a high school / secondary school)?

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Maximilian Berkmann

Anything that would require knowing about set/group theory, stats but then it depends on the project.

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R.J. Robinson

when I was working as a "web developer" with large scale systems, math skills come into play a lot more often than I would think. I have noticed that I use a lot of different types of math all the time (calc, stats, DM). Math skill also help when you are testing at big companies that want to ensure you understand how a lot of things work.