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Discussion on: Invest in building custom tools

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For me the way we build software are completely rotten, cobol has departed from fortran to make programming more accessible and inclusive and it seems things have regressed to become more and more complicated. So yes coders have to build custom tools to help them stay productive. But it doesn't really help achieve the productivity as a whole, nor automation nor "agile" process because problems are always at the boundaries of system and that is fractal: at organisation human department levels, at software architecture levels, ... at components levels. Neither UML nor BPMN (derived from UML for Business side) did a good job, but the king is still nude. So for me global productivity have still to be solved. And that's what I'm working on ;) But due to huge inertia in development field, I expect people will take between 7 and 15 years to accept my solution so I'm not pushing for it - hey when node came out, it got only 8 stars and stabbing on hackernews and it's only after about 7 years it becomes accepted :)