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In a big corp, on a java financial application for about 2000 internal users, there was a huge bug that regularly lost datas, each month I had to play sherlock holmes to reconstitute all history of update from log with a giant sql to put datas back so as to feed the accounting app. The other department who developped it couldn't find why, for them it was due to the fact it was a big application so from time to time it was overwhelmed and so lost data. Improbable explanation, but politically you cannot argue in a big corp... I wait for a huge change in IT system to have more favorable political context to oblige to fix the problem after 2 years. Finally the cause was found: someone made a copy and paste of a value, when a user follows some path they didn't expect, that bad code was executed and caused data to be dropped. Overall, the cost of such bug just discounting a few days I had to lose each month on it was about 100K Euros for a bad copy and paste by a developer :)