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Discussion on: Do you prefer startup or corporate life?

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I started to work as employee of a big corp at the beginning of PC era. One day the IT big boss came and said PC has no future, and we should go back to Vax (the dominant computer system at that time). I was shocked by his lack of vision, so I quit and promised to never work as employee of a big company again. So I refused a few jobs later in these big corps, but since only them have money to pay big salaries, I still have to work for consulting companies who put me to work inside big corps but at least I wasn't directly managed by a big corp and so I could laugh about all their inefficiencies, especially when they supposedly become "agile" :)

I have also known startups during dotcom as I had a company myself but they were only clients, I never went to work as employee for them. Problem with startup especially in France, is that they're are not stable, they can explode with a market crash due to lack of liquidity, nevertheless if you're young, not married and with kids yet, you can take the risk to work there: you'll learn 10 times faster than going in a big corp. And in fact, when I needed to recruit someone for a project in big corps, I liked to choose a developer from a startup, he has the chance to be much more productive than the others ;)