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Discussion on: What is your best advice for a junior software developer?

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1°) don't be arrogant, thinking you never make bugs and try to hide it
2°) don't be lazy, try to find and fix these bugs, dont count on QAs to do this job for you, that's unprofessional
3°) don't be impatient, learn as much as you can before thinking you are a senior (yeah read Uncle Bob ;) )
4°) don't be coder only, try to really understand the need of business and not just do the minimum of their requirement especially when requirements are fuzzy. Requirements are the hard part actually not the coding part.
5°) do have empathy for business people, don't think they're stupid just because they cannot understand your technical jargons, they also have a lot of complexities in their field you wouldn't even understand either.
6°) life is not fair, your career also depends on how you sell yourself to Tech Leads / Managers - but don't oversell or you'll get into imposture syndrome which will lead you to always cheat with people and yourself.

There are a lot more but that's first things I have in mind.