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Discussion on: How has your relationship with complexity changed over time?

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Actually it hasn't changed much it just reenforced the theory I had already because of my SystemsThinking background (I've been coached by a close friend of Deming the guy who helped Japan Industry become number I after WWII) ie Complexity is kind of fractal concept you could unify. In Science it is even quantifiable as degree of freedom which I refer below as "intrinseque complexity".

I've been always attracted to complex Systems originally I almost embrace a career of Astrophysicist but I had to go to Canada too cold for me :) Then I was half professional in Stockmarket (being analyst for pro traders in a big bank) in parallel to Software Enginer - which is kind of amazement because I had created a unique model that is based on a non linear equation which is extremely rare as the huge majority of models are stochastics so I'm one of the rare person who knows some truth about how it really works. And of course also Software which is rather simple compared to the other twos because the intrinseque complexity are augmented by artificial over complications which are partly social organisation, partly technical, partly accidental, partly commercial so it's kind of folkore, people who pretend to be "software architect" for example are almost laughed at compared to architect in traditional sense, Alan Kay himself think the field lacks rigor, but that's I find actually even more attractive as it creates opportunity to improve the field more than in another field. In the future this won't be possible anymore because probably it will be completely industrialised and commoditized by the Cloud Giants.