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Redfin Data Analyst Interview

Redfin data analyst job interview case study, sample questions, take-home assignment, SQL, product sense, ab testing

Albert, a recent instamentor mentee, just received a data analyst offer from Redfin. Here is what the overall process looks like:

Redfin Data Analyst Job Interview Summary
Candidate: Albert

How it gets started: applied on Redfin's website

Job level: mid-level

Year of Experience: 1 year as a data analyst

Degree: M.S. in economics

Offer: Yes

TC: ~150K USD

Location: Seattle, WA

Interview process: 6 weeks

Preparation: 1 month

Has a job: yes

Decide to join: not yet, still waiting on other companies.

Redfin Data Analyst Interview Round 1: HR chat
Basic questions such as whether you are willing to relocate to Seattle, do you need VISA sponsorship, and why you leave the current company. After that, Albert received a take-home assignment, which required cleaning up and pre-processing the raw dataset and then delivering a data visualization dashboard and report using Tableau.

Redfin Data Analyst Interview Round 2: Technical screen
The hiring manager deep-dived into Albert's resume and especially his experience in product sense and statistical experiment, a/b testing. Why do you want to join Redfin? Why leave your current job? What do you see yourself in 5 years? Finally, a classic product diagnostic question: if a metric dropped suddenly, how do you investigate.

Redfin Data Analyst Virtual Onsite Interview
Round 1: presentation based on take-home assignment with the hiring manager
How come you get this conclusion?
Why did you use the logarithm in the x-axis in your scatterplot?
What did you find through the data? Do you have any experience dealing with missing data?
Round 2: product sense/ metrics and case study with a fellow senior data scientist
Introduce yourself
We found that when we ran A/B testing, the testing group won, but it was no longer significant when we launched it. What could be the cause, and how do we deal with it?
Round 3: leadership/behavioral questions
Why do you want to join Redfin?

What feature do you like to see we add to Redfin?

Have you used redefined for your home purchase?

Why do you want to leave your current role?

Round 4. Product and machine learning
Tell me how we can improve Redfin?

How do we improve the Redfin home value, prediction model?

Round 5. SQL and business intelligence
OUTER JOIN, WINDOW functions, and based on the same context, what kind of metrics should be included in the data visualization dashboard and report, and why?

Albert received the job offer shortly after the virtual onsite interview.

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