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Discussion on: VS Code extensions to increase your Productivity

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Tabnine? We use Copilot nowadays

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Christophe Avonture

I've see and read about github copilot, really impressive but seems has some big inconvenients about the quality of suggested code, not the best in class. It depends on the IA and which repos were used for the learning of the IA (in short garbage in, garbage out).

Not experimented by myself, just read some articles...

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Tabnine is more about a writing assistance, like a super intellisence where copilot will give you an IA advice for filling the lines.
If I am not wrong also, tabnine can be ued 100% offline when copilot is 100% online. Without a reliable internet connection, copilot is not fast to use

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Otu Michael


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Haris# Author

What made you guys switch?

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François Rice

I use both for best results. Tabnine completes the current line, and Copilot generates the next few lines from that first one. Maximum autocomplete.

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I use tabnine, for me it's a lot better than copilot. Copilot is highly opinionated, whereas Tabnine learns from your style (don't know if copilot does that too though). But In my experience, Tabnine is more usefull for me than copilot.

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Thanks for your feedback, Keff! We're glad Tabnine helps you code more effectively 💙