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Discussion on: Writing custom-elements for elm

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leojpod Author

Small world indeed :) I saw your article when I was writing the first draft of that article and thought perfect now there is a great one out there and I can shorten my introduction 😆.
I had no idea you were into elm as well 😁, how random!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
I would like to have the time to make the follow up about the apex-chart library, it's another good candidate for custom-elements

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James Robb

Yeah, it’s always fun to find fellow developers with similar niche interests!

Looking forward to reading you’re upcoming articles. My next one will probably be a continuation of my rust series but I haven’t written in some months due to life basically but yeah, that’ll be changing soon!

Yep, apex is a nice one. What about charting in elm for example? Or even a series building a basic backend to get and set data for a Frontend in elm which uses ports or something? I feel a lot of these topics are rarely covered and could be a cool set of articles 🤷‍♂️. Just an idea.

Anyhow, keep up the good work dude!