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re: Get Paid Writing Articles for These 14 Companies ($100+ Per Article) VIEW POST


$200 or $300 for writing an article, that's nothing to scoff at ... wonder how easy or hard it is to get into these programs - maybe they typically reject 95% of the applicants?


It's more about what you have done in the past. Have you written quality articles with working code examples? Have you written something hard in simple language in the past? That's what they consider.

In most contact forms, you'll only need to include the title of your next post - not the post itself. But, you have to link 1-3 previously written posts.

Simply, they are looking for clear evidence of your programming and writing skills.


It's usually more about quality. If the submitted article takes very little editing and has many other considerations already made such as clear audience, commercial post content, clear post intent and SEO then you're much more likely to get accepted / get your article through. Other things like having an existing online audience to share with will also help I think.

But of course, YMMV.


Thanks, nice to keep this in the back of my mind, I've seen worse suggestions for additional revenue sources for freelance devs.


you're probably right.. but just think. why they people pay for those which article already exist or may be poor language of article...
like my writing.😂


Speaking as someone who runs a sizable paid content operation just like this, it's not like hiring a salaried employee, where there are a finite number of "slots," if you will. Rather, you're using a pool of side hustlers to produce some minimum amount of weekly/monthly content. So there's not much incentive to reject anyone when they're filling out the form. Worst case, if you have too many people, is that you tell them to check back next month.

The thing that will wash people out -- the biggest pain point for marketers who run these programs, by far -- is flakiness/lateness/problems during content production. Would-be writers ghost, turn things in a week late, plagiarize, etc. So you're already probably in the top half of the applicant pool just by doing what you say you'll do, when you say you'll do it.


Should be the featured comment ⭐. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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