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Discussion on: If I were to restart JavaScript again from scratch then I will follow this roadmap.

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leob • Edited on

You gotta be kidding, this is total rubbish, it's the most elitist and nonsensical comment that I've come across on since a long time ... I'm 100% certain that there are tons of competent devs out of bootcamp who write great Javascript code without knowing compiler theory ... but let me ask you, are you serious, or is this satire, maybe?

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Richard Griffiths

Honestly, I think he was just provoking to see what would happen. TBH I feel bullets are dodged when I avoid a company requiring a degree - I just know I'd not fit.

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Yeah this was pretty extreme ... maybe he was just trolling, and obviously he was getting slaughtered - but well, real trolls like that, they tend to be masochists LOL