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Discussion on: Haskell as an alternative to TypeScript

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leob • Edited on

Right, AutoRefresh, this reminds me of old TurboLinks of Rails fame, and more recently of some other "auto Ajax" frameworks which provide for easy and automatic dynamic updates without having to go all out on SPA + API. Can't remember the name of those tools right now, but this definitely seems a trend and a recurring theme recently.

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digitallyinduced Author

You might have heard of Phoenix' LiveView. That's certainly very similar.

It's a great pattern - if you haven't used it before I highly recommend trying it out. When I first heard about it I was quite skeptical of whether it could compete with a SPA, but it has certainly convinced me after trying it out.

From the user's point of view there's no difference to be felt really, and as a developer it is SO MUCH nicer.

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You're right ... LiveWire (of Laravel fame) is another one, this really seems to be a popular trend, and for good reasons.