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Discussion on: Beads programming or HTML JS CSS ... in one powerful language

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leob • Edited on

Interesting, but ultimately I realized that I just wasted half an hour of my life ;)

So I've clicked the Beads link, and my first impression was that the project is a bit ... unusual. It seems to be completely a one-person effort, with EXTREMELY ambitious (unrealistic?) stated goals, and it's sorely lacking a clear and comprehensible explanation of "what is it".

See this discussion of the project:

It's probably somewhat similar to the Haxxe language (

But, here's the crux of the thing ... drumroll please:

The project is CLOSED SOURCE ... it's the heroic effort of one guy in his basement, who is running this as a one-person hobby project. You can download an "SDK" (only Windows or OSX, no Linux) and that's it ... there is no friggin' source code, no github repo to be found anywhere!

(and no community around it either, and no ecosystem)

Hundred percent old skool, I didn't expect there would be projects that are still being run in this way.

Let that sink in for a moment, and then I think we can agree that this isn't worth our time.

P.S. oh, and the "web" capabilities (replacing HTML, CSS, JS) seem to be an afterthought - the bread and butter and the "core" of this project seems to be as a tool to program desktop GUI applications (the author himself compares it to good ol' VB or Delphi).

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artydev Author

It's a pity...the language looked promising.

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leob • Edited on

I briefly looked at the examples (he does have a github repo for the example code, but only for the example code), and yes that does look impressive. There's even an example of how to build a website, I must say that looks pretty complicated but well it's there.

So yeah he's put a huge amount of effort (and talent) into it, but what is he gaining from all that work? So little, compared to if he'd open source it and build a community that he could lead, which must be so much more satisfying. He's putting in a huge investment but not reaping the rewards!

Anyway yeah that's how you and me would think, and probably 95% of people nowadays, but who knows, maybe he's stuck in the 80s or the 90s ... I've heard that the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, but maybe not all of them.

(did you read the Hacker News discussion? he's really all over the place, desperately urging people "please give it a try", but folks are clearly sceptical ... this just screams "OPEN SOURCE THE DAMN THING !" because that would for sure take away 90% of the scepticism)