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Discussion on: We need to talk more about equality in tech

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leob • Edited on

When you observe injustice or unfair power dynamics being played out, no matter how slight or subtle, you should have the courage to speak up and do something - I think it's everyone's moral duty ...

The fact that a female employee or a person of color (to mention just a few examples) has to work 50% harder for the same recognition, that something that's obviously wrong and that I've always seen as a great injustice. The same fair treatment, recognition and rewarding for everyone, solely based on talent and merits.

But politics (which you mentioned), I don't know, it's a slippery slope, it can so easily become toxic and derail a team or organization ... I wonder if maybe we can't (and shouldn't) come up with another metaphor which can replace politics and be just as effective - for instance empathy or humanity ... I have the feeling that our world (in general) is already too politicized in many realms, and it often distracts from the issues at hand that we want to find solutions for.