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I didn't spend a lot of time but there's one thing that doesn't really work:

There is a "footer" section with links at the bottom of the site, but on the home page you can't really see it because of the infinitely scrolling list of articles - as soon as I drag the scrollbar to the bottom then I can see it for a split second, but right away it disappears (being pushed down again).

On this page you can see the footer (because there's no long list of content): devdojo.com/more

As for the contents, all great but I'd like to see a page added which explains about the team and the "story" behind the site. I mean you've gone to great lengths to build all this and then I can't see who's behind this great stuff! (maybe as part of an 'FAQ' section)

For the rest, a great and smooth looking site!

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Bobby Iliev Author

Hi there @leob ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the site and for putting this comment together!

This is highly appreciated! 🙌