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What are the advantages when choosing an Offshore Development Center?

Reduced Costs: ODC allows you to take advantage of labor costs and pricing structures in countries with a low cost of living.

Gain Expertise: Choosing an ODC in a location with good infrastructure and offering professional quality subjects, you can take advantage of the high subject expertise of the development team there.

Enhanced Performance: When using ODC, you can take advantage of multiple work time zones that offset time differences between countries.

Flexible Workflow: ODCs often have the ability to customize work according to customer requirements.

Accelerate Product Development: By leveraging resources across multiple time zones and expertise, ODC can accelerate product development and get to market faster.

Access to a Diverse Workforce: ODC provides access to a workforce that is diverse in expertise, skills, and experience from a variety of countries.

Resource Centralization: By using ODC, you can focus on core personnel and resources in your primary location, while outsourcing common tools and requiring less ODC oversight.

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