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Beginning of My AWS Journey

With the current crisis going on, I have decided on taking my first step towards the path of IT certifications.

I initally thought about taking the CCNA but leaned more towards cloud computing/networking instead. During my research (a basic google search), I stumbled upon AWS and its certifications.

After doing a more detail search (on Reddit), the most popular certification people seemed to be going for was the Solutions Architect Associate.

So, the courses I have chosen to hopefully take me from Zero to Hero are:

Stephane Mareek's Ultimate AWS Certified SAA
Neal Davis' AWS Certified SAA

For Practice Exams (from the recommendation of the Reddit gods):

Jon Bonso's SAA Practice Exams

If you've never tried Udemy, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on a lot of their courses.

Also just an FYI, Jon Bonso has practice exams for the 3 Associates and 2 Professional certifications located on his website Tutorial Dojo or Udemy that have stellar reviews as well.

Thanks for reading and I will update my progress periodically!

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

My free AWS Certified course tends to get buried but for those looking for a free course:

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Tommy Leng Author

Yeah I've watch some parts of the video before. Quality work which gives a great overview of most services and for free too! I've also briefly seen your free AWS Developer course. Keep up the good work!