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Discussion on: How do you gain a deep understanding of your code?

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Lemuel Ogbunude

For me, I normally go to the official documentation, I personally use the Android documentation for my learning. If I'm not satisfied with the documentation, I go to articles on some of my bookmarked websites. Explaining difficult topics in ways that people understand isn't so easy, so I take note when I see a blogs/websites that do it well.

Sometimes reading the documentation might not help initially, like I remember reading different articles about RxJava but I still couldn't get it. It was a conference video I watched that really made me understand it, from there I could now go to the documentation and continue learning since I understood the basics.

So yes, sometimes videos help, you could follow the video, develop a project and then tweak it to see how it responds, that could help you understand how it works.

After understanding the basics about a topic, with the help of documentation, blogs or videos, and I want to have a deeper understanding of it, I normally go on to read more in the documentation.

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