6 Ways to Work More Efficiently From Home

Paul Lefebvre on November 16, 2017

Working remotely from home is a great way to be more productive and reduce your stress level, with the added bonus of knowing you are helping the... [Read Full]
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Excelent article, Paul. I'm feeling lonely latelly while working at my home-office. I really like to talk and discuss ideas with colleagues, messengers and skype doesn't make the same feel to me.
That's something I'll need to work on, but, anyway, thanks for sharing your experience!


It sounds like you should definitely consider a co-working space with real, live humans!


I my case, I don't have dedicated space and working at home "works" only when rest of the family is asleep... this includes a dog :D


My family is home during the summer (no school), but I still have to work. A dedicated space does help, but so do my noise-cancelling headphones.

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