Discussion on: Has Umbraco turned into the "tourist trap" of open source .net CMSs

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Lee Kelleher

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Tim. I generally disagree with Umbraco becoming a Tourist Trap, but you raise several points that are painfully true, (and along with an undercurrent that I've noticed others have been sharing on the Slack/Twitter DM back channels).

I'd need more time to unpack each of your exhibits. My positive take is that each one has the potential to be resolved... I think our frustrations come from a place where we are not seeing that potential realised.

re: CG12 Keynote. I regularly remind myself of this. Definitely something more folk should be aware of. (Maybe ignoring my uComponents demo fails and awkwardness in the mid-section interlude 😆)

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Tim Geyssens Author

thanks Lee, it's perfectly fine to disagree... I just want to start the convo!