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If you have made far enough to ask, you are a developer!
Here are a few things I try to tell myself on a regular basis.

  • There will always be people who know more about language_a or framework_b than you. You can learn from these people so don't let them make you feel like a fool.

  • There will always be moments of self-doubt. These moments are great for taking a break and asking a colleague to review your code. Some positive feedback or constructive criticism will distract you and get you coding again.

  • The mistakes:

    • You are going to make mistakes. It's okay.
    • Your superiors are going to make mistakes. This is also okay.
    • Mistakes can be corrected.
    • All mistakes are learning experiences.
  • Use git. Commit often. push daily.

  • If you don't know, google; then ask.

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