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Templating a Node.js app with EJS

For some reason, I was unable to highlight blocks of code here.
It's weird because I've even took highlighted code from a previous post and paste it but it was not rendering correctly...

You can find this long tutorial made for beginners, but full of details, by following this link : Templating a Node.js app with EJS

Content :
. Intro
. Template engines
. Setup
. Express
. Nodemon
. First EJS file
. LiveReload
. Templating with EJS
. Passing data
. Simple routing - subsection of Passing data
. Data object - subsection of Passing data
. Don't Repeat Yourself - subsection of Passing data
. Navigation
. Static files
. Images - subsection of Static files
. Styles - subsection of Static files
. JavaScript - subsection of Static files
. Paths - subsection of Static files
. Conclusion

P.S. : This tutorial was specially made for my beloved son 💘

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