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Blog-Doc, a tiny and dead simple SSG !

This post is about Blog-Doc, a tiny and dead simple static site generator written in JavaScript.

Blog-Doc uses EJS as a templating language and Markdown to write and format the markup of the generated posts and pages.


It's after some of my previous tutorials about templating a Node.js app with EJS and turning it to a simple SSG with the ability to write posts and pages in Markdown that I've decided to put it all together and bring it to the light as a proof of concept and prototype.

Live demo & documentation

An overview of the app and it's documentation can be found on Blog-Doc live demo site.

Nota Bene

You can take Blog-Doc as a prototype and modify it totally to use it with another design and/or another template language.

I really hope that this app will be useful in any way for a lot of people out there, I'm considering it as my personal contribution to the Node.js, Express, EJS and Markdown communities.


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