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Discussion on: How was your experience when switching from mac/windows to Linux

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Friendly guides to switch to Linux is great idea, wish you luck!

I switched to Linux 5+ years back, thanks to my friend for building a PC and installing Ubuntu on it. I had experience with Red Hat at my job, so I'd say it was easier for me. Main reason to switch in those days was because I had enough with Windows virus, reliability issues, etc (and I didn't like their evil corporate ways - these days, there's no where to run to, and it is not like I'm any saint)

I still struggle with install issues, but I've become good enough to go through stackexchange Q&A, know where to ask (reddit, stackexchange, twitter,, etc). When my harddisk went bust late last year, I made it a point to note down all the links I was visiting for information and the exact command I used to install something. Makes it easier for future as well for helping others if it is something I had solved.

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Fernando B 🚀 Author

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I do think Windows Experience overall gotten a lot better recently, I loved Win7, and hated Vista, and I wasn't a fan when they pushed the OS without a start button. Win10 with linux kernel, and new cmd terminal is something I thought I would never hear lol.

Most viruses on a windows pc are brought by accidental clicks or installing malware but I agree they attack all windows vulnerabilities, and the regular user doesn't know how to protect against these treats.

You brought up a good point, just about anyone will have to get good finding answers to issues on stackoverflow. I do it all the time, and favorite those answers for the future.