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Hey Sandor, thanks for the feedback. I tried my best to mention that the "underscore" is just a convention using the PEP8

We don’t use the term “private” here, since no attribute is really private in Python (without a generally unnecessary amount of work). — PEP 8

...and Python Software Foundation documentation:

“‘Private’ instance variables that cannot be accessed except from inside an object don’t exist in Python. However, there is a convention that is followed by most Python code: a name prefixed with an underscore (e.g. _spam) should be treated as a non-public part of the API (whether it is a function, a method or a data member)” — Python Software Foundation

As I mention in this part

We can access and update it. Non-public variables are just a convention and should be treated as a non-public part of the API. yes, it can be accessed, but as a convention we treat it as a non-public part of the API.

Which part was confusing? Let me know how I can update it to remove this complexity.

And yes, Python is a "snake_case programming language" :)

Thanks again for the feedback!


You really explained it great, I personally think it’s hard to understand for someone who worked with i.e. java that accessibility is just a convention.
I wouldn’t have posted the code example on how to access private properties and functions, because with this you demonstrate the opposite purpose.

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