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Discussion on: What are your biggest struggles in learning JavaScript?

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Nicholas ―M―

Kind of silly, but sometimes knowing what some things are, but not knowing what they're called can be difficult or disheartening, especially in an interview or skill-building situation. Some examples that I've personally struggled with include, but are not limited to: closures, hoisting, various design patterns (module vs constructor vs API vs factory vs x100000 other ones), etc.

That feeling of inadequacy, followed by a realization that I actually knew what was being discussed all along (coupled with an "Oh, there's a name for that?") can take a while to shake off.

It can also be hard to discern "Is this a programming thing?" or "Is this a insert framework context here thing?" since JS is prone to having multitudes of vocabulary words being tossed around at any given time.

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Darrell Washington

I definitely agree and feel your pain on that one. I'm a young developer and I often times leave interviews thinking, "I just know how to code I don't know all these technical terms." It's so frustrating and I feel slow or lost at times.

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Yaphi Berhanu Author

That's one of the most frustrating things when you knew a topic all along but you just didn't know one of the terms for it.