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re: Please read Jean-Michel's answer first, it's really a great answer. However, it's wrong. :-D (no offence) So why don't we see great products, yet?...

I agree that blockchain has some pretty neat use cases in B2B, especially when it comes to supply chain management or production tracking stuff. However, I don't think that the big tech companies like MS or SAP will be the major users of that, but more old-school manufacturing companies like for example Volkswagen, who're experimenting with IOTA right now.

For me, Libra isn't really blockchain-based at all. At least in their early days, all transactions are running over the libra association's on servers - which is not far from bank's function today. It's a digital currency and I've got no doubt that it would be much faster and cheaper than the current system, but I don't really know if it's what mankind is really needing, as it's another big step towards plutocracy.

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