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Discussion on: But what about passion?

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Peter Street

This is a good point to make, and combats the common rhetoric I see around this point - if you're not passionate you're not going progress. I see that as a common argument, and I feel it's false for one simple reason - learning to progress is important, but you don't have to be this all-encompassing passionate developer to progress, you can learn to progress during your day job. If you're always learning from your mistakes, you'll improve. I think the real issue is for someone to go, "I'm happy doing , there's no need for me to improve/progress/I don't want to move on", because that's where the danger lies - technology becomes out of date at a rapid pace, well within the normal lifespan of a developer, so if you don't progress, you won't keep up with that technology evolution and will become out of date. But you don't need passion for that, just learning.