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Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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Peter Street

I've struggled with it for years. I started coding professionally in '99, and I'm still coding now. I've learned something new every week (At least, often times every day) since I started. Often, I've re-learned something I already new because I forgot it. I'm now a team lead, and I'm still learning new things and helping educate others. Do I feel over my head? Sure, all the time. I struggle to rationalise how much I think I should know with how much I actually know.

That said, I think it's a good thing to realise just how much information there is out there and not stand on your laurels and 'let it come to you' - but also recognise that there is a natural thing inside us to try and measure ourselves against others and compare our skillsets. Because computing is such a wide field, others will always have knowledge we don't; but we will have knowledge they don't.

My takeaway is always that the Team is more than the Individual. The true 10x developer is the one that works together to pull everyone in and get input from everyone needed to do the job :)