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Discussion on: How to create enjoyable conferences for both organizers and speakers

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Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen • Edited

You are missing one point: "Speaker slot is too short". We need a buffer if the previous speaker went over time, we need time to get speakers on stage/off stage, we need time to get the audience in and out of the room, we need time for the speaker to set up the tech and get wired up, and so on...

What can we do? Organizers can tell several times how long the timeslots are and whether the time between speakers is included in those timeslots. Give speakers the opportunity to do tech checks before their timeslot. Have adapters. Make longer timeslots or make room for breaks between talks. Speakers can be on time, make tech checks before their timeslots, rehearse to time their talks well, be prepared to cut some content out of the talk.