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Discussion on: Why Accessibility is Important to Me

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Lawrence • Edited on

I certainly support accessibility in all things but especially as it pertains to my field: web. There is a fundamental problem with our system, however. Our ADA compliance factors are way too broad and way too easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters looking to make a quick buck off companies that are doing their best. Right now, some of our revenue comes from companies who are looking for emergency fixes to deal with ADA issues to avoid blackmailing settlement costs, so it's not in my benefit for the guidelines and laws to be more specific; however, as a business owner I sympathize with how easily taken advantage of they are. Sure, if you're building a very basic website you can very easily check off a list of items to meet requirements, but those checkboxes become much more fuzzy as you move towards a more appealing UX. We charge more and require clients to acquire a third-party service for ADA validation for building new websites because it's simply too easy to overlook something from a purely development standpoint.

Setting that aside, great post and very well written. I'm sorry about your mom.