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Hm, hope this helps:

I found that post really technical, really good stuff. I'm writing a post about Neural Networks, it will be uploaded soon, I'll post it here when it's ready, because will be really technical. I'm a Computer Scientist student so yes, math included!

If you can catch up with Spanish:

That presentation is from a study group of students at my University, so it is technical (again, math is there if you can get it).

An advice would be: start with Neural Networks theory, then this amazing GUI, then Python. And try to reinforce concepts with math along the way. Doing projects on that playground will help you to conceptually understand Neural Networks.

Once you have read some theory about Neural Networks (I learned this at University hearing talks, sorry that I don't have any good books on the topic), and you get bored of the playground go here. Yep, those guys are really nice, right?


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