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I completely agree. We've all seen bits and pieces of questions before. That's how you become more prepared to answer them. The idea that having coded something before is "cheating" implies that you shouldn't know how to solve the problem. But isn't that the whole point? Knowing how to solve the problem...


Plus I feel like it's on the company to provide good problems to solve. If it's another FizzBuzz how could you not expect some candidates to be familiar with it already?


Ya, I think live coding is a horrible interview tactic anyway. So if a company is caught using something that’s widely known and it allows someone to game their process it further confirms that it’s a bad process.


Yes, the expectation of people being familiar with something shouldn't change the outcome of the interview. The questions I ask now aren't heavily influenced by whether they've seen the problem or not before.

Sure, it will make some difference, but that's what experience is for.

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