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I’d argue that full stack is a bad term and no one really is. Full stack is really stack agnostic. Dangerous in multiple areas with strong underpinnings to quickly pick up whatever you need to. All the while being aware of the fact that someone who is a specialist might be more efficient at implementing whatever thing.

That being said, learn what you want to learn. Grow your skills in what interests you. Sure, it may not be the technology on every job posting, but tech is going change again and continuing to stretch your learning muscles is what truly matters.


I'd argue that there are genuine full stack developers.

Not all companies have the budget or "perceivable" need for teams of people.

I know an e-commerce company turning over £3 million a year with a single developer who handles the design mock-ups, frontend, backend, database, backups, you name it. I'd say that qualifies as full stack.

The trouble comes when you expect a Jack of all trades to be a master in a specific field.


And I think that’s why the term doesn’t fit in my mind. There is that expectation. But you’re correct that there are absolutely people working all across the stack and doing great work. But I’d still call them stack agnostic :)

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