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re: I've been waiting for another one of these for a while! I'm slowly updating my setup, and I really love working from it. My Desk in the Ikea Beka...

Lovely set up. ❤️ Yes, I agree with the wall art and plant idea that is something I already have on my list to get.

What kind of light strip do you have behind the monitor?


Thanks so much! I'm really happy with it, I'm just trying to figure out what to hang in the middle of the wall as it looks a bit sparse.

They're the cheapest ones Amazon has on offer :) I believe they're this one. I got them off a friend so I don't know exactly.

Make sure you post your final setup on here when you're done, it'll be great to see how it ends up :)

Cool! I'll definitely post mine when I'm done setting up

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