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Discussion on: 🛠 7 most important things you should do on your first day at your new job! 😎

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Laughing Raven

By and large I agree with your article. My only point of contention is your notion about dress code. one of the reasons that the development community is not taking seriously is because we tend to dress like slobs. Hoodies blue jeans these things do not convey a professional image and therefore do not garner a professional response from our colleagues in other departments. If we want to be seen as professionals we should dress as professionals. A doctor dresses very well as does a lawyer as does an accountant. The way we look is very important and we should all be striving to improve the image of our industry and our profession

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author


Still it highly depends on the industry you are working in.

If you work for a bank dress like a banker
If you work for a surfer dress like a surfer