Ask Dev.to: How do you manage your Bookmarks?

Lassiter Gregg on March 27, 2019

I've recently switched from mainly using Chrome to using Brave, it's been a great switch. However, I noticed that the organization of my bookmark... [Read Full]
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I've gotten better but it's still a challenge. I have a side project to bring order to the chaos, but that's a long term deal.

Right now I'm doing a lot of nested folders in Chrome. I have used Evernote, but it requires too much effort to maintain and limits my options for retrieval.

I'm always looking for a better solution


Hi! I personally use Trello for managing my bookmarks. And it’s pretty easy to use, even from your phone.

I usually create a board for each technology, and on each board I add several lists like: “basics, tutorials, articles” and so forth.

I’ve been doing pretty fine with this “tactic” even though I spend more than 10-15 minutes per day selecting what’s relevant and what’s not.


Hi, it’s Gonzalo. I’m the solo developer of Pegao.co, a web app for bookmark lovers.

My main goal is make this project open source and I hope the platform never shows ads, nor share your data with third parties.

Could you please try it and give me your feedback? Thank you.


I add things to pocket or saved.io and never look at them again....

I need to get better at that.


Great switch with Brave, I did that last year too - to manage my dev bookmarks and code snippets I created and use Bookmarks.dev :)


I've used mywebgo.com for years. It's browser based so I just login on all my devices and my site lists are all there.

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