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I´m a complete beginner at coding and is looking for a nice and simple IDE to use, I´m currently using ms visual studio but i want to find a more lightweight IDE for storage reasons. I tried vscode a bit, i managed to install a compiler but then all of a sudden i needed to edit json files and such things and i have no idea how to do that. I looked at youtube videos but learning all that AND c++ was too much information at once. I´m learning to program in c++ at the moment and will be moving on to c# in a few weeks, does this method make it easier to compile and debug projects? or is there another IDE you can recommend?


If you know how to install your compiler it is much faster to develop with VSCode and this extension imo, it has intellisense and automatic project creation!


I've managed to install the compiler but when it comes to configuring .json files and such things I'm lost.

If you create the project using Easy C++ you don't need to set up any json file yourself, you press F1, search for Easy C++ create new project and it will set everything up. A couple of buttons will show up at the bottom bar for building and running the project.

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