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Discussion on: LinkedIn is for Losers? Think Again. From 💰 100k+ to 200K+ job opportunities. 🛠 Hacks Included.

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Leandro Ardissone

Thanks for the tips. The hardest thing I find on creating my CV (on LinkedIn or anywhere) is the writing part. The description about myself. I think I'm not good at describing me, first because I'm not good writing a convincing letter without sound techie, and second I think it's mostly related to the Impostor Syndrome that makes me think: "mm, no, better I don't write that".
I don't know if there are companies or people that offer that service of writing your cover letter or presentation letter based on your skills and that.

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Andrew Harpin

Be yourself, you'll either end up with a job that you hate and doesn't fit or you're not suited to in the first place.

If you're applying for technical jobs, they're looking for someone technical.