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This is a much angrier version of how I feel sometimes.

My biggest gripe is asking for help in the wrong place. In other words not knowing the boundaries between different technologies.

I'll still help them because I happen to know the answer even though it isn't directly related to what I am there to help with.

It gets worse because in many other situations I just Google the answer and tell them. Whereas if they knew the boundaries between what different tech does they could have done that themselves.

All comes with experience I guess and I'm pretty sure I must have done that when I was starting out.


Thank you for sharing your experience and kind reply. :)


IMO, It's okay to ask for help in wrong place, but it's not okay to waste others time.

Everyone was politely asking,
-"Can you share exactly where you are stuck?"
-"Can you share your code so we can take a look?"

If we do not know the problem how the heck we solve it?

People on the internet are people too. If someone on asked for help but refused to share details or to curse and waste time just because they thought everyone should just work for free for them, then it's not the platform or people's fault.

I felt really dumb when I answered but got a harsh reply that all the time we were just playing in his hand.

I felt stupid not because his harsh reply, but I could've used this time to help someone else who really needs the help.

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